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What does it cost you, as a family

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A fee is only charged when and if an Au Pair candidate has been selected.


Short term Placements (up to three months)
Summer months 95
Other times of year 205
Longer term Placements (over three months)
Au Pair (up to 25 hours a week) 395
Au Pair Plus (over 25 hours a week) 450
Mothers Help 550
Au Pair Couples 650


We understand that even with the best planning and support in place, things can go wrong. Travellot aupair agency will always work to find a solution and offer a clear guarantee and cancellation policy.

Travellot Romania warrants that all our introductions are based only on candidates that have been thoroughly vetted and carefully selected through application and interview processes. Travellot Romania shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of, damage, expense, injury or inconvenience suffered by the family in offering or providing employment to the au pair.  The au pair is at no time either directly/indirectly employed by Travellot Romania.

You will warrant that the information that you provide at time of application is correct and that you will at all times behave in a responsible, reasonable and caring manner to the au pair.

Our fees become payable on acceptance of an au pair application. 

Travellot Romania will offer replacements on long term au pairs(4 months+) should the au pair leave within 14 days of arrival subject to the following:

   1.  The applicant fails to arrive

   2. The applicant leaves of his/her own accord within 14 days

   3.  If the applicant proves to be un suitable within 28 days of arrival i.e. - has mispresented themselves/their experience/ability in their application details or displays general misconduct.

If Travellot Romania are unable to find a suitable replacement within 28 days then our "fees" will be refunded, less a £95 administration charge.

NO REPLACEMENTS will be provided if the following has taken place:

   1.  On short term placements (less than 4 months)

  2.  If the au pair complains of abuse, mistreatment or misconduct by you , your family, or acquaintances

  3.  If you restrict access or, stop the au pair using any amenities that he/she is entitled to use....or if you withhold any pocket money.

  4.  If an au pair is asked to leave/ or they have been asked to do extra duties not stated in the  application or not paid extra for.

You must also agree to give the au pair 2 weeks notice as and when such a time arises that company has to end, and likewise the au pair will also have to give 2 weeks notice to you as a family.

When the au pair has lived with you for 28 days or more then the au pair will be regarded as satisfactory and we at Travellot Romania will have fulfilled our obligations.  Any placement that you require after the 28 day will incur the introduction fee.

Travellot Romania cannot guarantee that the au pair will stay for the required length of time


An au pair lives with your family, helps in the home and takes care of your children, typically around five hours a day, with two complete days off a week. They also usually attend english language classes.

An au pair may perform more duties by agreement, such as additional housework, increased childcare hours or babysitting, and this will reflect in the amount you should expect to pay.

Au Pair working 5 x 5 hr days and 2 evenings babysitting: From £60 per week
Au Pairs working a total of 30 hours per week plus babysitting: From £70 per week
Maximum allowable before subject to Tax and NI: £97 per week

Please note that the above arrangements/ payment rates are a guideline only.

You may choose to help the au-pair with the travel costs. If you want to help the aupair with travel, just book an airplane ticket and mail it along with the other documents.(We can assist you along the process).

Other costs
Of course, pocket money for the aupair, food and lodging will be entirely your responsibility, as a family.

If you are ready to register with us, for Travellot Agency to find your next Au Pair, please fill out our needs assessment registration form.

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