Aupair Visa Uk - Au Pair Program in UK

Romanian citizens no longer need a visa or a work permit to work as an au pair in UK.

Travel Arrangements
Au pairs normally pay their own travel expense to and from Britain and are asked to inform the family about traveling arrangements. Wherever possible, we recommend that the family meet them at the airport or station.

Families must provide au pairs with a letter of invitation. Au Pairs from non-EEC countries will be required to register with the Aliens Registration Office and pay a small fee shortly after arrival, if they are staying more than 6 months. In the Letter of Invitation you should provide details of your family, their duties, when you would like them to start, free time and their pocket money. A daily timetable giving an indication of the hours you envisage is a good idea.

Pocket Money
In the UK, the recommended salary is approximately £50 per week for 25 hours, this must be paid on a weekly basis to the AuPair. AuPairs staying with families in country areas who have to travel quite far to language classes should receive above the "standard" pocket money to offset the cost of bus or train fares to their classes. An AuPair that works in 35 hours or more, normally earns approximately £75 depending on the hours.

Police Registration
A student from a non EEC country must inspect their passport stamp on arrival as it may require that she reports to the Police at the Aliens Registration Office within seven days of their arrival, taking with them their passport, two passport sized photographs and a fee of approximately £34 (UK price). In England, AuPairs from EEC countries need only apply for a permit of residence when they have been in England for almost six months and wish to remain longer. They must then obtain Form Eec1 from the local Job Center. AuPairs are responsible for their own registration fee and should be advised of this at the time of invitation. Au pairs should check with their local Embassy or Consulate for the country to which they intend to go.

Language Tuition
Most AuPairs wish to follow a language course, usually for a few hours 2-3 times a week. This may take the form of private lessons or group classes at a private language school or technical college. AuPairs are responsible for their own fees, but it is extremely helpful of the family to assist them in finding the most suitable and convenient classes. Remember that the AuPair's attendance at classes legally takes precedence over their work for you, but obviously it is sensible that the girls' classes are at a time that is convenient to the family, both from the point of view of them getting there and back and from the point of view of the cost of those classes to the AuPair. For example, the AuPair is responsible for their own fees but if the family wishes them to attend in the evenings or at non normal times it would only be right for the family to pay the extra cost between the basic morning or afternoon classes and those in the evening.

National Insurance & Health care
In the UK, this is not paid for an AuPair. Most AuPairs can be treated under the N.H.S., although AuPairs from countries which do not have a reciprocal agreement with Great Britain should arrange for private cover before arriving in England.

How do I check their background?
All aupairs recruited from travellot are checked. The AuPairs can also obtain a police clearance in Romania to show they have no criminal record.

It's always a good idea to also ask the AuPair to obtain a medical certificate from their GP to say they are fit & healthy.

If your AuPair is to drive your car, it is important that you provide adequate insurance cover for them to do so. You should also check that they have a suitable driving license or permit for the country to which they intend to go. It might be a good idea to provide one or two driving lessons for the AuPair if they are apprehensive about driving in your country.

For the most current information on UK AuPair visas, visit UK Gov Website.

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