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About the "finding an aupair" process

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You can register anytime for free.

The only thing you have to do in order to be listed on the site as a family and get in touch with aupairs is to register.
Please do not enter email addresses, phone numbers or links in other fields then those specified in the registration form. Anyway, your profile will be revised by the administrators and will be subject to rejection if not complying with the rules.
After registering, you will receive an email with the data entered by you.

Logging in
Login is required to contact aupairs.
You can login by entering your username and password (those specified by you at registration).
Logging in requires to have your browser set to accept cookies (otherwise you cannot contact aupairs). We use cookies just for the login system. Only information required for authentification is stored in cookies, so no need to worry about your privacy.

Contacting aupairs
To contact aupairs you must be logged in.
Once logged in, you can contact any au pair available. Just go the au pair's details page and press "contact".

When you press the "contact" link, a pop-up window will appear and will let you know if your details were sent successfully to that au pair. If successfully, a message stating your interest in the au pair is sent to that au pair. He/she can reply and the message will be forwarded to your email address.

You may also receive messages from the au pairs interested in your offer.
We strongly recommend that you reply to each au pair, even if it is a NO, so that the au pair will know that you are/not interested.

You can cancel your record anytime. Just login and press the "Cancel my record" button.
If you forgot your password, just enter your email address used at registration and the username and password will be sent by email.

Good luck and have a nice aupairing experience!
By registering, you agree and understand that you will receive messages from aupairs with their profiles, as long as your profile is active on the website.

Any other questions? Please contact us.

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