Looking for an reliable aupair?

Ca aupair, nu numai ca vei avea posibilitatea de a vizita o tara straina si de a trai in mijlocul unei civilizatii noi,insa iti vei putea face noi prieteni, iti vei putea imbunatati cunostintele de limba straina si pe deasupra, vei avea si ceva bani de cheltuiala.

Benefits of having an aupair

beneficii aupair Help with the childcare
Hiring the right aupair for your family can restore balance and peace to the typically hectic lives we live. You will have a bigger sister/brother taking care of your children while you're at work.

Get in touch with a new culture
Having an aupair means also getting contact with a different culture. Of course, a part of it, as you cannot know a people's culture by getting in contact with a single individual. But you'll get to know the language, change ideas, recipies and life-styles.

A new friend for you and your children
Depending on your personalities (both au-pair and family), you can find a friend into your aupair and vice-versa.
In most cases, aupairs and families remain friends and keep contact after the aupairing period.

Expanding horizons
Usually, your kids will benefit from having a bigger sister/brother. Being closer to your kid's age, the aupair might be a better friend to them and also be a role model.
They will get to know a piece of another culture and language, as the aupair can teach them.

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