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Ciob Ira

29 years old

From: Iasi, Romania

Religion: Orthodox
Education : curently a student
Speaks basic english, very good Russian

Driving license: yes, but cannot really drive
Driving since 4 years ago

Can swim no

Would look after 1-2 kids max.
Would do babysitting.
Would do medium housekeeping.
Can cook simple meals.

Would NOT take care of pets.
Would accept a single-parent family: yes, just mother
No special diet requirements.
Expected pocket money (weekly): 75-90 GBP (aupair plus position)
Minimum expected pocket money (weekly): 100 GBP


Living in : UK
Preffered area/city: London
Willing to accept other areas too.

Accepted religion: any
To start earliest: 2/2015 and latest: 2/2015
To stay for 12 - 24 months

Letter to family:
i want to work and improve my english... i love kids and i think that i will can to do this work with satisfaction. i usually like dogs, but small, and other animals. i am positive and i want to know more people with other traditions.
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