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Miron Andreea-gabriela

28 years old

From: Iasi, Romania

Religion: Orthodox
Education : College
Speaks good english, good italian

Driving license: yes, but cannot really drive
Driving since 27.03.1013

Can swim no

Would look after any number of children.
Would do babysitting.
Would do medium housekeeping.
Can cook simple meals.
Would help care for pets.

Would accept a single-parent family: yes, just mother
No special diet requirements.
Expected pocket money (weekly): 75-90 GBP (aupair plus position)
Minimum expected pocket money (weekly): 80 GBP


Living in : UK
Accepted religion: Other
To start earliest: 1/2015 and latest: 6/2015
To stay for 12 - 24 months

Letter to family:
i have a good relationship to my sister, my fiance and my parents. sometimes there is a little quarrel but i think this is normal and we try to resolve our problems together. now it is time to talk about my person:i am a creative and ambitious young woman. i`m mature, communicative, dedicated, and honesty person.i started caring for children some years the beginning i looked after my little cousins and as time went by the adults trusted in me and so i got more and more responsibility. i tried (and i naturally try)hard to do my best.i got my first paid job at the age of 17. i had to look after my little neighbour whilenhis parents were on a tasks were to prepare food for him, to take the little boy to bed and then to look after him till 4 o’clock in the morning. my job was not very strenuous because he was a nice and quiet boy and i was proud that the parents trusted me. i was his nanny for many years and i did a good job (they said this).it is not always easy to take care of children but it is a great experience to share some time with them. i have much patience because i trained this skills during my other baby-sitting jobs. i think it is the wrong way to shout at children. i have the strength to set them limits if necessary and i am of my best characteristics is my tolerance. nowadays it is very important to be tolerant because there are so many different countries and traditions.
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