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Craciun Mihaela

52 years old

From: Timis, Romania

Religion: Orthodox
Education : College
smoker - 10/day
Speaks basic english,

Driving license: yes, but cannot really drive
Driving since 10. 04. 2000

Can swim no

Would look after 1-2 kids max.
Would do babysitting.
Would do medium housekeeping.
Can cook.
Would help care for pets.

Would accept a single-parent family: yes, any parent
No special diet requirements.
Expected pocket money (weekly): 110-130 GBP (mother's help position)
Minimum expected pocket money (weekly): 130 GBP


Living in : UK
Accepted religion: Orthodox
To start earliest: 7/2014 and latest: 8/2014
To stay for 12 - 24 months

Letter to family:
dear family, my name is mihaela christmas, i am 46 years old and i want to change something in my life. i work for a long time in social, 24 years and i learned a lot during this period. i am a sociable, easily adaptable, very patient and empathetic. i have1son, emilian, who graduated in sociology with hr master who last year moved to london with his girlfriend, both working from the beginning and i`m happy for their this point in my life i feel the need to change something in my life and i think the best solution would be to work abroad, i chose england because i like and especially as my son is there.we hope to see you soon. all the best and take care of yourself. love, mihaela christmas
invatator educator -experienta 10 ani si lucrator social persoane varstnice 14 ani
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