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Neculae Anne Marie

28 years old

From: Arges, Romania

Religion: Orthodox
Education : curently a student
Speaks very good english, good french; very good spanish;

Driving license: no

Can swim no

Would look after any number of children.
Would do babysitting.
Would do hard housekeeping.
Can cook.
Would help care for pets.

Would accept a single-parent family: yes, any parent
No special diet requirements.
Expected pocket money (weekly): 75-90 GBP (aupair plus position)
Minimum expected pocket money (weekly): 60 GBP


Living in : UK
Accepted religion: Not important
To start earliest: 1/2014 and latest: 2/2014
To stay for 12 - 24 months

Letter to family:
dear host family, my name is anne marie and i am 22 years old. i live in arges (romania) and i`m studying accounting and management information systems. i have brown hair and blue eyes. i would like to be an au pair to improve my english. that would help me find a good job when i finish my studies. i would also like to travel to the uk to learn about its culture and people. i have had some babysitting experience of looking after a 3 year old boy called alex. i see him once a week and his parents have provided me with a good reference. he is a lovely little boy. i have to read him a story and put him to bed when his parents go out. i shall miss him when i come to the uk as an au pair but i am sure that i will also love your children as well. when i am not studying i like reading a good book or listening to music. my parents both work as farmers... i`m their only child. i love them so much! i will be happy to help your family and i can`t wait to meet you! i will be able to come to england in january and stay for twelve months. if you would like to know any more information about me please feel free to make contact with me. yours, anne marie.
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