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Busuioc Andreea

29 years old

From: Neamt, Romania

Religion: Catholic
Education : high-school
Speaks fluent english, good french; basic spanish;

Driving license: no

Can swim no

Would look after any number of children.
Would do babysitting.
Would do medium housekeeping.
Can cook.
Would help care for pets.

Would accept a single-parent family: yes, any parent
No special diet requirements.
Expected pocket money (weekly): 75-90 GBP (aupair plus position)
Minimum expected pocket money (weekly): 90 GBP


Living in : UK
Accepted religion: Not important
To start earliest: 7/2013 and latest: 9/2013
To stay for 3 - 24 months

Letter to family:
dear family, my name is andreea and i am 22 years old. i live in iasi, romania and i am studying foreign languages (both english and french studies). i would like to be an au pair to improve my english and i would also like to travel to learn more about different cultures and people. i come from a family of 7. i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. marius, my big brother, is married and has1child. alina, my big sister lives in france with her husband. ovidiu is in the last high school and delia, my little sister, is in the third year of high school. in about a year or 2 i plan to continue my education, to pursue a master degree, but for the moment i want to have a different life experience. my firs language is, of course, romanian and i am also fluent in english. i started learning english in primary school. i also speak french and spanish. when it comes to child care experience i have looked after a 7 years old boy last year. i also have looked after my niece (she`s 8 years old now) since she was 3 years old. i have helped my mother to take care of my brother and sister, too. also, i have helped my mother with house keeping and cooking for my family. when it comes to what i like to do, i have to say that i enjoy the little things in life. i enjoy being with my friends, meeting new people, visiting places, reading and listening to music. i also enjoy taking photos, drawing and writing. i am looking for a live-in arrangement with a host family, that would be happy to have me stay with and work for them for at least 12 months. i don`t have any preferences regarding family`s religion, nationality, or children`s age. i would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you, to learn more about your family, your interests and to know more about what you expect from the au pair arrangement. thank you for your interest! regard, andreea busuioc
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