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Intrebari posibile la interviul cu familia

Ok, ai ales si ai ales, in sfarsit ai interviu cu o familie.
Ce te poate intreba?
Mai jos ai cateva intrebari posibile la interviu.

Introduce yourself and if you do not understand something you must ask.
Give a brief overview of yourself and your family.

Some of the following questions may have been covered in the au pair application / letter but it`s always good to hear it firsthand!
1. Why do you want to be an au pair?
2. What are your plans after being an au pair?
3. How do your friends describe you?
4. What is it that children like about you?
5. What childcare experience do you have?
6. How confident are you with driving? How often do you currently drive? Are you used to driving in cities / rural areas? [that is IF the family requires a driver]
7. Have you been to the UK before?
8. What`s the most fun thing you have done with children?
9. How would you occupy a X year old during the school holidays?
10. What would you do if a two year old cries when mummy goes to work?
11. What sort of food can you cook for a X year old?
12. Are you a tidy person (assuming their family house is!)?
13. Would you go home for holidays?
14. Will you want to attend language school / see the tourist attractions?
15. What do you think will make you a good au pair?

Discuss potential start date. How you will travel etc. It`s also important to discuss pocket money and hours. Most families are a little hesitant approaching this but we feel it`s very important to know the terms.
If they have pets you will want to cover this off with them and make sure you are confident around animals / happy to walk the dog etc.
If they have holidays planned with / without the au pair you need to go through this. Also if they are a busy family going away at weekends and not necessarily with the au-pair you need to make sure you would be comfortable being in the house alone.
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Familie din Anglia, au nevoie de aupair incepand cu: 6/2017, pentru minim 3 luni detalii...
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