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How to avoid au-pair scams and stay safe.

SIMPLE: Use an agency!

Since they are automated, most automated au-pair job sites on the Internet have been flooded with all sorts of SCAMS.
(we also receive a lot of those, but they fail when we check them)

How does it work:

1- They register as a family and then contact au pairs pretending to be a wealthy host family really interested in employing the au pair and then as a measure of goodwill send a cheque or money order for a ridiculous amount and for no good reason, they then and using all sorts of excuses request that part of that advance be sent back via Western Union or other method as a deposit to pay for a property or school fees..etc.

Meanwhile of course the original advance doesn`t clear or proves to be a fraudulent cheque or money order.

Or they will contact an au pair who cannot get a visa for her target country claiming that they can get her a work permit through their "travel agency" but of course it will cost money to arrange, needless to say as soon as she pays the fee she never hears from the family again.

They also call the potential au-pair and are well trained (language skills, persuasion).


2- Register as an au pair with fantastic qualifications, exchange many emails with a prospective host family ( to make it all look legitimate ), and usually they will claim that they have a visa for the country where the family lives and then at the last minute request money to be sent using some excuse or other usually to pay for their travel expenses, of course if the family send the money the au pair fails to arrive and keeps their money.

As mentioned above this happens on automated sites, usually membership sites, where the people who run the site rely on large numbers of people registering on the site and then some buying a membership that give them access to contact details of au pairs, so the Scam families will buy a membership using a fraudulent credit card and then work their Scam on unsuspecting au pairs.

As we are an agency and not an automated matching site, we check every au pair application that we receive. Our au-pairs are carefully interviewed and their documents checked (CRB, references, etc)
and we speak to every aupair that registers with us to ensure their authenticity.

Read more details about aupair scams on google

Familiile pe care le avem in baza noastra de date au fost verificate de catre partenerii nostri sau de catre noi. Garantam existenta oricarei familii pe care v-o prezentam!

Inainte de a lua vreo decizie, iti prezentam toate datele familiei. Vei sta de vorba cu ei si vei putea accepta sau refuza oferta lor.

Mai mult, la noi platesti DUPA ce iti gasim o familie. Nu exista alte costuri ascunse!

Ce mai astepti? Apeleaza cu incredere la noi! Nu te costa nimic sa incerci.

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Familie din Anglia, au nevoie de aupair incepand cu: 2/2018, pentru minim 3 luni detalii...
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