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Aupairs no longer need a visa for UK

From 1st January, 2007, Romanian and Bulgarian nationals are able to travel to the UK without any prior work permission.

They can remain in the UK for up to three months if they are not working, studying or self-sufficient.

They will be able to enter the UK using either their passport or national identity card.

Romanian or Bulgarian au pairs who enter the UK after 1st January, 2007 need to complete application form BR3, in order to obtain an Accession Worker Card for this purpose.

They are required to meet the same requirements as the Immigration Rules for this category.

If an au pair has been working legally in the UK for more than 12 months, prior to 1st January, 2007, or if they complete 12 months legal work after this date, they will have full treaty rights under EU law.

This will allow them to work without restriction in the UK.

They will need to obtain and complete Application Form BR1, in order to obtain a Registration Certificate.

This will confirm that they are an EEA national exercising full Treaty rights in the UK.

Application forms are avaliable here. For further information, as it becomes available, please check Home Office Border &Immigration Agency.
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Familie din France, au nevoie de aupair incepand cu: 9/2016, pentru minim 10 luni detalii...
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