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Din : Anglia
Familia are 1 copil
Platesc: 120GBP /sapt.

Religie: Ortodoxa
Locuiesc in zona Londrei Doar candidatii cu dosar complet pot vizualiza pozele!

Profilul AuPair ideal:
Sa vorbeasca engleza binisor
Nationalitate preferata: Romanian
Cu varsta : 22 - 27 ani;

Religie preferata: Ortodoxa
Incepere cel mai devreme: 6/2017 si cel mai tarziu: 6/2017
Perioada de sedere: 1 - 24 luni
Preferabil sa stii sa inoti.
Carnet de conducere: preferabil sa ai
Babysitting: da
Treburi casnice: da, trebuie sa faci
Transport: NU platesc costurile legate de transport.

Sarcinile tale ca aupair:
-looking after baby daughter whilst me and my husband are at work
-make up milk bottles for the baby
-change her nappy when needed
-feed her for breakfast and lunch and 2 snacks (sometimes maybe make simple food for her)
-put her down for naps during the day
-play with her in the home
-take her to playgroups in the area (hence why i would like a good level of english)
-take her out for walks and to the park
-put toys away after playing with them
-wash the dishes you and the baby use during the day
-tidy the main room where you play with the baby
-keep own room and bathroom tidy and clean at all times; air room daily
-light vacuuming of the main room where you stay with the baby
-dusting if needed of the main room
-keeping kitchen floor clean (especially under the baby`s feeding chair)

-when baby sitting in the evenings just making sure baby stays asleep - if she starts crying give her a dummy or a bottle of milk


Scrisoare catre aupair:

My name is Maria. I am Romanian and I`ve moved to London 14 years ago. I am married to Gus who is english but of Indian origin and together we have a lovely baby daughter names Scarlett. She will be1in May.

As I am due to go back to work, we are looking for a female au pair to come look after our baby from the beginning of June .... We need someone family orientated who will make Scarlett her priority during the day.

Scarlett is quite easy going. A normal day for her starts around 6 am with some cartoons in our bedroom. She usually has her first milk of the day here. Then we have breakfast around 7.30 and we play in the living room. She recently started crawling so she loves practicing this as well as taking a few steps here and there. She will go down for her 1st nap of the day around 9 o`clock and sleep for 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. When she wakes up she has another milk bottle and a snack (usually grapes).

After this we usually go out for walks or playgroups. She has her lunch between 12 and 2 followed by a bit more play time in the living room and her second nap of the day from about 2.30 to 4.

When she wakes up she usually has a second snack and is quite happy in the walker while i do some chores around the house.

Dinner is around half 5 and then some cartoons and bath and sleep around 7.30 pm.

As she is now getting bigger she is loving being out of the house and meeting other kids so hence why i would like someone with a good level of english who would be able to take her to these. (english doesn`t have to be excellent just good).

Both me and my husband would be working full time hence why we are looking for mother`s help as the hours are likely to be from about 7.30 to 5.30 with1day a week being shorter from about 8 to 4.

We are happy to give the au pair weekends off (unless previously agreed for babysitting evening) and UK bank holidays paid as we get these off from our work.

We are also happy to negotiate holiday with them. We are happy to come get the au pair from the air port and drop offs. It would be ideal for the au pair to drive but if they don`t it`s not a problem.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you


Familie din Anglia, au nevoie de aupair incepand cu: 10/2016, pentru minim 6 luni detalii...
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