inregistrare au pair Pentru a va inscrie in program, completati toate campurile din formularul de mai jos.
Formularul este in engleza, de aceea va rugam sa-l completati IN ENGLEZA.
Furnizati informatii corecte si cat mai detaliate
La letter to family scrieti cat mai multe detalii despre dvs., de ce doriti sa fiti aupair si ce credeti ca va face persoana potrivita pentru familie.
Dupa inscriere, un mesaj va fi trimis la adresa dvs de email pentru confirmarea inregistrarii.
In momentul in care o familie este interesata de dvs., veti fi contactata cu detalii.
Daca apar probleme la inregistrare, va rugam sa ne contactati.

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Foloseste o adresa de email corecta si pe care o verifici uzual.
Aici vei primi notificari de la noi, oferte si mesajele familiilor.
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Phone number *
Numarul tau personal, la care poti raspunde atat noua cat si familiilor interesate.
Ex: 0744123456
  (de forma 0744123456 - fara prefix, spatii sau semne)

What network is your phone in?*

ID Skype skype
daca ai, folositor pentru a discuta cu familia live, prin internet (voce si video)

Website (if any)

Your religion:*

Religion (of the host-family) preffered: *
note that there are NOT many orthodox families in UK :)

When can you start EARLIEST? *

When can you start LATEST? *

Minimum stay *

Maximum lenght of stay *

Where do you want to be aupair *

Do you have any preffered city/location you would like to be placed? No Yes

Do you have a driving license? *
Yes, I am a experienced driver Yes, but cannot really drive in UK

Can you swim? *
No Yes

Are you willing to:

Babysit *
No Yes

Do housekeeping *
No Yes, light Yes, medium Yes, heavy

Can you cook? *
No Just sandwiches Yes, simple meals Yes, and I am quite good

Are you comfortable with pets?*
No Yes Yes, if they're outside

Do you smoke ?*
No Yes

How many kids would you be happy to look after? *

Would you accept a single-parent family? *
No Yes, just mother Yes, just father Yes, any

Languages known

Any diet restrictions ? *
No Yes

Education: (select the latest form completed)*

Type of aupair position wanted (hours & money - weekly)

What MINIMUM amount of money would you be satisfied with (per week - the minimum you would accept - keep in mind the above guidelines )?

Letter to potential host-family * ( use ENGLISH please! And provide lots of details. Nu introduceti date de contact, adrese de email sau numere de telefon - inregistrarea va fi suspendata daca nu respectati aceasta regula.)

Doresc ca profilul meu sa fie privat (doar familiile inregistrate il pot vizualiza)

Prin inregistrare, certificati ca informatiile furnizate sunt adevarate si corecte.
Sunt de acord cu termenii & conditiile *

Am inteles ca trebuie sa imi platesc transportul pana la familie NU PLATESTI NICI O TAXA agentiei travellot *

Familie din Anglia, au nevoie de aupair incepand cu: 7/2019, pentru minim 6 luni detalii...
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